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Benefits of
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Are you always scared of your children’s safety? Being parents who cannot stay with their kids all the time, it is quite evident to stay stressed and worried about their kid’s safety. In today’s fast-developing and insecure world, where trafficking has become so common, parents and guardians can never be too careful with their children. It is also not a great idea to restrict your children from going out to play. Moving out, playing around, having fun with friends, and exploring adventurous roads are an integral part of their growing up. So, what is the solution?

To keep your children safe as well as ensure their uninterrupted movement, GPS tracking can be the best option. GPS tracking can help parents to keep a track of their children’s movements. So, they all the time, where the kids are and also offer immediate rescue in case of need. In this post we will discuss benefits of GPS Tracking for Children. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

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Benefits of GPS Tracking for Children


Track Real Time Location

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With an effective GPS tracker, you can trace the real-time location details of your child. A small tracking device will help parents stay connected with their children. Maybe you are not always able to accompany your kids everywhere. Be it school, coaching classes, playing with friends or any non-scholastic curricular classes, your kids will always stay connected with this GPS tracker. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

Monthly Trackback History

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You can track the location history of your child with the Speedotrack GPS tracker. This means, apart from the real-time location of the child, GPS tracking will also help to know about the places, your kid has been to in the past. This way, you can ensure the safety of the children practically all the time. You can also keep a record of the places your child has been to and find out whether they are going to some prohibited places that might threaten their safety. These features are extremely beneficial in keeping kids safe in today’s world. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

Advance Geofencing Feature

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This is quite a popular term in recent days. Geofencing is something close to virtual fencing. A fence is supposed to act as a protective barrier and ensure safety. Geofencing is similar to that. With an accurate Speedotrack GPS tracker system, parents can always keep a track of the entry and exit of the kids to certain places like crowded malls, busy roads, or any public place. Whenever your kid will enter or exit such zones, the tracker will automatically send an alert notification. So you can keep close track of your child even in crowded places. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

Advance Emergency Call Feature

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Modern Speedotrack GPS trackers have an advanced SOS feature. Just like phones, with the help of the SOS feature of GPS trackers, children can easily call out for help during emergency situations. When in any danger or apprehensive of any threatening condition, they can send alerts to parents. This is extremely useful for the family members or parents to help the kids whenever they need to. You can also receive notifications and messages about the situation, Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

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GPS tracking systems are quite beneficial and useful in keeping children safe. Parents can always have peace of mind when the children have a GPS tracker with them. Track your child’s location and movement history with a GPS tracker. Ensure child safety and keep your child protected with an efficient GPS tracking system.













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Vehicle Tracking

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Real-Time Tracking

One of the major benefits of GPS tracking is that a business can view vehicle progress in real time.

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Monthly History Playback

Among Speedotrack’s features is the Animated Map Replay option that allows you to retrace a vehicle’s route on a map screen for a chosen date and time.

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Mobile Apps

Speedotrack vehicle tracking solution is mobile friendly and cross platform supported track your fleet where ever it goes.

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Real-Time Alerts

Customize Speedotrack’s alerts feature to make you aware of exceptions — in real time.

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Monitor Multiple Vehicles

Monitoring Multiple vehicle using Speedotrack is very easy, user friendly and cost effective.


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Speedotrack Vehicle Tracking Solutions combine sophisticated GPS tracking technology with flexible, advanced mapping and reporting software.


A GPS-enabled Vehicle Tracking Device is installed on each vehicle to collect and transmit tracking data via a cellular and satellite network, whichever works best for your operations.


The device then delivers the data to the Speedotrack hosted application, which you can access through the Web at any time.


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Monitoring your fleet allows you to know where your fleet is every time. you can only manage what you can see!

Prevent Fuel Theft

Our reliable fuel chart, combined with Google Earth and Google Street View will simplify the process of monitoring when and where your driver fills the fuel tank.

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Speedotrack’s GPS tracking is streamed to our own private SaaS Cloud. Together with our specialised technicians and fleet system you are able to monitor 24/7.



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