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Keep a constant check on your rental vehicles with an efficient GPS tracking system such as Speedotrack. The rental vehicles business is on a fast pickup track and with increasing popularity, there is a dire need to ensure the safety of the vehicles. With emerging technology, it is now possible to track the routes of rental vehicles and have a location record of the same. It is highly convenient for rental car companies.

Here are some of the solid reasons why rental vehicle businesses should use GPS tracking systems like Speedotrack to avoid risks and make their business models more efficient:


GPS Mapping

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Choosing routes, and devising out an optimum path for fast and hassle-free commutation of the passengers is an important parameter for the effective functioning of rental vehicle service businesses. With Live GPS monitoring, you can now get all the information about the vehicles. From the route they are following to whether they are available for new passengers, GPS tracking makes it easier.

Vehicle Safety

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One of the fundamental reasons for the rising popularity of GPS tracking among rental car businesses, is to ensure the safety of the vehicles. Vehicles are huge assets and very expensive. It can be a drastic loss for any rental vehicle business to lose a vehicle.

GPS tracking can be quite helpful to trace the real-time location of a vehicle as well as keeping a track record of the location history. With such eminent location details, chances of a vehicle getting lost are minimized. At the same time, even if a vehicle is lost, it gets easier to find it swiftly.

Speed Alerts

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Accurate GPS operation systems such as the Speedotrack GPS tracking system helps to ensure that the rented vehicle never beak its speed limits. Speed breaking is one of the major concerns for companies because it can lead to dire consequences.

Not only physical accidents and asset loss but it can also involve a lot of legislative issues owing to traffic laws violation. To prevent getting into the hassles, a GPS tracker is of great help. It helps to closely monitor and receive alert notifications whenever any vehicle breaks speed limits. The drivers will also drive cautiously when they know they are being tracked.


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If you want to limit the zones of operation for any of your rental vehicles, then geofencing is a great option. Through this feature of Speedotrack GPS tracking, whenever a vehicle will try to enter a restricted zone, an automatic alert for notification will reach the monitoring interface. This feature offers efficient tracking and keeping out of probable dangers. Also, drivers of rental vehicles can out SOS messages and notifications to the nodal agencies in case of any need or emergency.

A lot of mishaps, thefts, and accidents can be prevented in this way. GPS tracking of rental vehicles through functionally robust GPS trackers like Speedotrack can help a lot to maintain vehicle health and ensure efficient tracking of businesses.

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Numerous cab services and rental vehicle companies are pitching the market perfectly. But one of the major concerns of these companies is vehicle safety. With accurate GPS tracking solutions like Speedotrack, it is extremely easy to track rental vehicles. Track their route and even optimize the route. Keep a check on the location history. At the gross level, ensure both vehicle safety and optimal fuel utilization with GPS trackers. Give your rental vehicle business a new dimension with GPS tracking. GPS tracking of rental vehicles is one solid stitch in time that can save nine other stitches in future.













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Easy to Use
Vehicle Tracking

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Real-Time Tracking

One of the major benefits of GPS tracking is that a business can view vehicle progress in real time.

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Monthly History Playback

Among Speedotrack’s features is the Animated Map Replay option that allows you to retrace a vehicle’s route on a map screen for a chosen date and time.

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Mobile Apps

Speedotrack vehicle tracking solution is mobile friendly and cross platform supported track your fleet where ever it goes.

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Real-Time Alerts

Customize Speedotrack’s alerts feature to make you aware of exceptions — in real time.

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Monitor Multiple Vehicles

Monitoring Multiple vehicle using Speedotrack is very easy, user friendly and cost effective.


Our Features & Services.

Speedotrack Vehicle Tracking Solutions combine sophisticated GPS tracking technology with flexible, advanced mapping and reporting software.


A GPS-enabled Vehicle Tracking Device is installed on each vehicle to collect and transmit tracking data via a cellular and satellite network, whichever works best for your operations.


The device then delivers the data to the Speedotrack hosted application, which you can access through the Web at any time.


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Real Time Visiblity

Monitoring your fleet allows you to know where your fleet is every time. you can only manage what you can see!

Prevent Fuel Theft

Our reliable fuel chart, combined with Google Earth and Google Street View will simplify the process of monitoring when and where your driver fills the fuel tank.

Private SaaS Cloud

Speedotrack’s GPS tracking is streamed to our own private SaaS Cloud. Together with our specialised technicians and fleet system you are able to monitor 24/7.


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