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Prevent Car Theft
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A car is one of the most prized possessions in an individual’s life. It is vital to ensure car safety at all costs. If you look at the crime report, you can easily follow the trend of rising car thefts. To prevent the same from happening to your car, a GPS tracking system can be of great help. Not only a car but incidents of bikes getting stolen and also the theft of trucks full of logistic goods also are not uncommon.

Speedotrack GPS tracking system offers one of a kind unique GPS tracker specially designed for to Prevent car theft and vehicles. With the GPS alert and real-time location monitoring features of the GPS tracker, you can always stay alert about the location of your vehicle. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

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How to Prevent Car Theft with GPS Tracking


Track Your Car Location

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In crowded cities, parking vehicles is a massive issue. Many people are unfortunate not to get a parking zone near their house or locality and often have to garage their vehicles distantly. In such a scenario, it is extremely important to stay updated about the location of your car.

Even when going out shopping or parking cars distantly, there is always a lingering shadow of car theft. You can totally mitigate this fear of car theft and always stay alert about its location, with the help of the SpeedoTrack GPS Alert system. In case of any trespassing or movement of the vehicle without your consent, an automatic alert and notification will pop up. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

Increases Driver’s Accountability

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If you are always afraid of whether your driver will keep the vehicle safe and not run away without it, the Speedotrack car GPS tracker is your ultimate friend for life. Track the route of the vehicle even when not within it. Know about the current real-time geo-location of the car through a virtual map.

You can also monitor whether the driver is adhering to speed limits and traffic rules. There is an instant alert notification system that will let you know if the driver over speeding. Also, when the driver knows that the vehicle and its activity are being tracked, they shall think twice before tampering with it. Especially if there are kids in the car and you aren’t accompanying them, the safety parameter needs to be ensured strictly. Speedotrack Car GPS tracking system helps genuinely in dealing with the matter. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

Find Your Lost Cars

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Not only tracking the current location, with GPS tracker on the cars, it is also possible to keep a record of the location history of the vehicle. You shall be able to know when and where your vehicle was last spotted. Even if there is an issue of car theft, you can easily find the last visited place, the past records of location and try to find the lost car.

This is super efficient in the case of tracking logistics vehicles. GPS tracking by Speedotrack can provide eminent clues and information to get your vehicle back if it is lost. You can check the vehicle's safety and the route it takes. Even if you are not physically close to the car, you are always virtually connected to it. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

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The Speedotrack car GPS system is an amazing device that uses satellite technology to track your car. Find your lost car and always be updated about its current location. Ensure driver’s accountability and vehicle health with the car GPS monitoring system. The Speedotrack GPS tracking system is super efficient to handle rental cars.

For rental car services, track the route of the vehicle and protect your vehicle against theft risks. Also, get the location history of rental cars and get your car back even after the theft. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.













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Easy to Use
Vehicle Tracking

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Real-Time Tracking

One of the major benefits of GPS tracking is that a business can view vehicle progress in real time.

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Monthly History Playback

Among Speedotrack’s features is the Animated Map Replay option that allows you to retrace a vehicle’s route on a map screen for a chosen date and time.

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Mobile Apps

Speedotrack vehicle tracking solution is mobile friendly and cross platform supported track your fleet where ever it goes.

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Real-Time Alerts

Customize Speedotrack’s alerts feature to make you aware of exceptions — in real time.

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Monitor Multiple Vehicles

Monitoring Multiple vehicle using Speedotrack is very easy, user friendly and cost effective.


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