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Importance of GPS
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Commercial Vehicle

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Commercial vehicles like logistic trucks are highly vulnerable to theft or damage because the owners often do not accompany the vehicles. In this post we will learn importance of GPS tracker for commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles are pretty expensive and, once lost, can cause heavy financial loss.

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Tracking the vehicles through efficient trackers like the Speedotrack GPS trackers are immensely helpful in ensuring that the vehicles are safe. GPS tracking has set a new benchmark in the transport business world. Truck owners can now keep a check on their vehicles even when located remotely. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

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GPS Tracker for Commercial Vehicles


Advance Real-Time Location

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Once you install the Speedotrack GPS tracker system in your commercial vehicles like trucks, you can always stay updated about their real-time location. Track their position, the route they are following, and every other location detail in the Google Map through an integrated interface. Also, include the Geofencing features to prevent vehicles from entering a particular location. Enable the notification system to get alerts about your vehicle all the time. Your drivers will no longer be able to lie about the truck’s location when you have the GPS tracker at work. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

Path History of Vehicle

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Sometimes, it becomes essential to know whether your commercial vehicle are actually taking up the routes they are supposed to. You can quickly achieve this by exploring the path history of the vehicles with the Speedotrack GPS tracker. Suggest optimized routes to the drivers and check whether they follow the same. Help your vehicle save time and fuel by checking the path of the vehicle. The drivers will also stay alert when they know they are being tracked. Get information about all the stop points of the vehicles. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

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Advance Anti-Theft Protection

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This is the most significant advantage of installing a GPS tracker in your vehicle. It helps to prevent the theft of your vehicles. Commercial vehicles like trucks cost a lot, and even their repair costs are high. It is helpful to track the vehicles to prevent their theft. You can always stay aware of their present and past locations and track them down the line. Even if someone damages the vehicle or runs away with it, the GPS information will lead you to the vehicle. You will get instant notifications on your Mobile App about the vehicle movement and thus stay closely connected with it all the time. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

Advance Performance Analysis

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This one is an exclusive and unique feature of the Speedotrack GPS Tracker . Get all the details about your vehicle. Details such as total run time, fuel consumed, maximum speed, and stoppage time can be crucially important for commercial vehicles, especially in the case of fleet management systems. The performance analyzer of the Speedotrack GPS tracker will help get details about your car functioning and check whether your driver is discharging his duties well. Get a scheduled report over a time period. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

Secure Fleet Business

Speedotrack GPS for Commercial Vehicles?

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GPS tracking commercial vehicles like trucks offer a host of benefits. Speedotrack GPS trackers offer you advanced GPS tracking features with the best on-built features to protect your commercial vehicles. Now enjoy peace of mind even when far away from your vehicle. Also, get a detailed report of their location history and other updates in no time with the ultimate Speedotrack GPS tracker. Scrutinizing the reports will give a proper insight into where your vehicle is, at which points your vehicle stops, and whether the driver is breaking speed limits. Increase your commercial vehicle's overall efficiency, productivity, and security with the best ever Speedotrack GPS tracker system. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.













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Easy to Use
Vehicle Tracking

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Real-Time Tracking

One of the major benefits of GPS tracking is that a business can view vehicle progress in real time.

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Monthly History Playback

Among Speedotrack’s features is the Animated Map Replay option that allows you to retrace a vehicle’s route on a map screen for a chosen date and time.

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Mobile Apps

Speedotrack vehicle tracking solution is mobile friendly and cross platform supported track your fleet where ever it goes.

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Real-Time Alerts

Customize Speedotrack’s alerts feature to make you aware of exceptions — in real time.

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Monitor Multiple Vehicles

Monitoring Multiple vehicle using Speedotrack is very easy, user friendly and cost effective.


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