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Importance of
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AIS 140 GPS Tracker stands for Automotive Indian Standard (AIS) - 140. This is a particular standard of GPS tracking developed by the Indian government, which is essential to incorporate in almost every commercial vehicle of the metro cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Kolkata. Srinagar. Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Pune, Maharashtra, Kerala, etc.

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Importance of AIS 140 GPS Tracker

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Over the last decade, the Indian Government has emphasized Intelligent Transport Systems. ITS is a global standard that optimizes transport infrastructure. It focuses on improving the efficiency of commercial vehicles along with improving safety, comfort, and quality domains.

The critical elements of this standard Vehicle Tracking System highlight the installation of GPS Tracking Devices and emergency buttons on public transport like buses and taxis. The standard tracking system also recommends installing CCTV cameras to strengthen safety parameters further. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

Public Transport GPS Tracking in India

Public Transport GPS Tracking in India | Speedotrack GPS
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You might be thinking, what is the need to establish an Intelligent system for vehicle tracking in India? The answer is right here:

✔ Relief from massive traffic congestion due to very high vehicle volume in metro cities

✔ Organize the operation of the Public Transport systems with the improved systemic database of this tracking modality

✔ Enhance security and safety of public transport system in India

✔ To provide valuable help to the children, women, and elders who are often insecure while traveling through public transport in India.

Importance of the AIS 140 GPS Devices

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As described previously, the Indian government is focusing more on intelligent GPS tracking of the country's public transport system. That clearly inducted 140 GPS devices will be installed in taxis, buses, and other public transport mediums for better surveillance. Here are the core usage domains of this GPS tracker:

✔ Public and private bus services. The tracking will apply to both interstate and intrastate bus services.

✔ Buses that operate for schools and colleges are primarily concerned with safe student commutation.

✔ Cab services - rentals and bike services. It also can be used for rental auto services.

✔ Emergency service vehicles like ambulance and fire brigade vehicles.

AIS 140 GPS is an efficient system to secure the safety of the public transportation system in India.

Components of the AIS 140 GPS Tracker

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Now it is time to learn about the various components of the AIS 140 GPS Devices. There are five significant units of the GPS system. These are:

✔ Hardware: A modem is the primary hardware need of this GPS system. Along with it, there has to be satellite accessibility with at least 6 meters or 2.5 meters accuracy. The device must have physical abrasion resistance and a significant power backup. It should be equipped with emergency buttons and an embedded sim.

✔ Software: The software will help the Government IT cells to keep track of the vehicles, their locations, the routes they are following, and also regarding various safety parameters. It shall be integrated centrally with the designated IP address for effortless location tracking.

✔ Server: A safe and secure server that can store data for at least 90 days. The server is essential for authentication and verification of user details and other vehicle details. The server will generate an alert system for malfunctioning.

✔ Testing: The AIS 140 GPS tracker is tested on mainly three parameters - functional testing, performative and durability testing, and protocol testing. This is mandatory so that the device is fully functional all the time and centrally connected for efficient tracking.

✔ Control Unit: This is probably the essential part of the GPS tracker. The central control center, which in this case is the concerned Government IT cell, will integrate and collect data and perform real-time vehicle tracking with the centrally connected control unit. The control unit will support registering new vehicles and their maintenance and upgrades.
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