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If you own a vehicle or are in charge of a logistics company, the thought of goods getting stolen from your vehicle will scare you like hell. For all of you who have had the experience of facing harassment because of a customer’s valuables getting stolen during shipment know very well how pathetic the situation can get. To avoid such dire situations, an asset tracker is one of the best ways out. Are you wondering what an asset tracker is? Well, in simple terms it is a GPS tracker that will keep you informed about the momentary updates of your vehicle.

In today’s world of digitization and globalization, asset transport, online deliveries, and shipment are the crucial aspects of any logistics or transport company. In each of these domains, one parameter that calls for top priority is asset safety. To ensure that all the goods that you transport from the source destination get delivered properly to the delivery destination, it is important that you keep a track of the vehicles. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

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How to Secure Valuables Asset


How Does a GPS Asset Tracker Works?

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With an unobtrusive and efficient asset tracker, you can access the real-time location data of any valuable asset from any corner of the world. The GPS trackers use satellite technology to track the assets. There are multiple types of GPS asset trackers in the market. You can easily choose the ones that meet specific needs and serves the purpose. For example, for packers and movers, the GPS trackers on the vehicles would be the best choice while for the jewelry business owners, small trackers on the expensive pieces would be a better.

GPS Asset trackers will reveal the real current location of your asset on a single map. Thus it becomes easier to monitor and trace. Thus, you can reach out and take immediate action if you notice anything fishy. Also, through the trackers, you can keep a check on the driver's activity for example, which route are they opting for. GPS asset trackers will thus help you to make the most out of available resources. For example, you can choose the most affordable route for transport to help in minimal fuel consumption. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.

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Advantages of using Asset GPS Tracker Advantages of using Asset GPS Tracker

Advantages of using Asset GPS Tracker

Easy to Use

With a Speedotrack GPS tracker, you shall be able to track the vehicles, and your valuables and ensure safety wherever it goes. Speedotrack GPS tracker interfaces are easy to access and operate.

Cost Effective

You can monitor the live location of your assets remotely. Initially, the GPS tracker may seem to be an added investment, however, if you weigh the long-term benefits, it is quite cost-effective.

Secure Asset

With the help of Speedotrack GPS tracker, one shall be able to save valuables that cost much higher. Moreover, the vehicles in which the assets are transported are extremely expensive and one can save them as well.

Save Money

Prevent all the possibilities of theft and safeguard your valuables with the GPS tracker. The best part is that many insurance companies charge less premiums for users who install GPS trackers on their assets.

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By investing in an affordable asset tracker GPS system, you can easily safeguard the asset, track its route and also get valuable clues to trace it in case it gets stolen. This GPS tracker system for valuable assets has versatile applications in almost every industry - logistics, transport, courier, packers and movers, online business houses and so much more. Along with tracking the safety of the valuable assets, one can also keep a track of the vehicles, which is super convenient. Please get in touch and our expert team will contact you.













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Easy to Use
Vehicle Tracking

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Real-Time Tracking

One of the major benefits of GPS tracking is that a business can view vehicle progress in real time.

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Monthly History Playback

Among Speedotrack’s features is the Animated Map Replay option that allows you to retrace a vehicle’s route on a map screen for a chosen date and time.

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Mobile Apps

Speedotrack vehicle tracking solution is mobile friendly and cross platform supported track your fleet where ever it goes.

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Real-Time Alerts

Customize Speedotrack’s alerts feature to make you aware of exceptions — in real time.

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Monitor Multiple Vehicles

Monitoring Multiple vehicle using Speedotrack is very easy, user friendly and cost effective.


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